Debate: Follow the Leader

Issue Date October 2022
Volume 33
Issue 4
Page Numbers 165–68
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How much should we worry about democracy in the world today?  Building on Brownlee and Miao’s useful interjection that rich democracies (still) don’t die, this essay offers some alternative ways to approach the threat faced by wealthy democracies, in addition to the critical role of the macroeconomic structural factors that they highlight. The essay advocates for more attention to the possibility that democracy can weaken in consequential ways short of death, how leaders damage institutions without destroying them, and the crucial role that citizens can play in replenishing democratic resilience.

About the Authors

Susan D. Hyde

Susan D. Hyde is professor of political science and co-director of the Institute of International Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Elizabeth N. Saunders

Elizabeth N. Saunders is associate professor in the School of Foreign Service and director of the Mortara Center for International Studies at Georgetown University.

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