The Freedom House Survey for 2017: Democracy Beleaguered

Issue Date April 2018
Volume 29
Issue 2
Page Numbers 128-142
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Democracy is in crisis. In 2017, political rights and civil liberties around the world deteriorated to their lowest point in more than a decade. The global landscape is characterized by emboldened autocrats, beleaguered democracies, and the withdrawal of the United States from its leadership role in the global struggle for human freedom. Democratic values—particularly the right to choose leaders in free and fair elections, freedom of the press, and the rule of law—are under assault and in retreat globally.

About the Authors

Michael J. Abramowitz

Michael J. Abramowitz is president of Freedom House. From 2014 to 2017, he was director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Levine Institute for Holocaust Education. He was formerly national editor and White House correspondent for the Washington Post.

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Sarah Repucci

Sarah Repucci is vice-president of research and analysis at Freedom House.

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