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How Women Make the World Safe for Democracy

On International Women’s Day 2024, the Journal of Democracy celebrates the political, social, cultural, and economic achievements of all women, recognizing the seen and unseen struggles in many parts of the world for the most basic rights. The following Journal of Democracy essays highlight the transformative power of women’s political participation and activism.

How Women Make the World Safe for Democracy
The suffragists imagined that a greater role for women in democratic politics would lead to a more peaceful world. Few realize how right they were.
Joslyn N. Barnhart and Robert F. Trager

Why Women Are Leading the Fight in Iran
Iran’s women were the Islamic Republic’s first target for repression. This is the newest chapter in their struggle to win back their rights.
Ladan Boroumand

How Autocrats Weaponize Women’s Rights
Why are authoritarian regimes championing gender equality? Modern dictators want to appear progressive, liberal, and democratic, while distracting from their worst abuses.
Elin Bjarnegård and Pär Zetterberg 

Is Iran on the Verge of Another Revolution?
There have been numerous waves of protest against the country’s corrupt theocracy. This time is different. It is a movement to reclaim life. Whatever happens, there is no going back.
Asef Bayat

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Image Credit: Ramon Von Flymen/ANP/AFP via Getty Images