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Nobel Peace Prize honors Iran’s “Women, Life, Freedom” activists

Iranian human-rights activist Narges Mohammad has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for her tireless efforts against the oppression of women in Iran.

The award “also recognizes the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators” who have been protesting across the country for the past year since Mahsa Amini’s death while in police custody for wearing an “improper” hijab.

The Journal of Democracy has covered the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement since the protests first erupted. Following is a selection of essays on the protests in Iran and the key role women play in securing democracy and freedom across the globe.

Why Women Are Leading the Fight in Iran
Iran’s women were the Islamic Republic’s first target for repression. This is a new chapter in women’s fight to win back their rights.
By Ladan Boroumand

Is Iran on the Verge of Another Revolution?
There have been numerous waves of protest against Iran’s corrupt theocracy. This latest one is a movement to reclaim life, and there is no going back.
By Asef Bayat

Iran Erupts
Iranians are once again flooding the streets in protest, but this time is different.
By Peyman Asadzade

Iranians Turn Away from the Islamic Republic
Iranians are rejecting the religious underpinnings of the Supreme Leader’s rule. The regime’s response of harsher repression will only anger the people more.
By Ladan Boroumand

How Women Make the World Safe for Democracy
The suffragists imagined that a greater role for women in democratic politics would lead to a more peaceful world. They were right.
By Joslyn N. Barnhart and Robert F. Trager

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Image credit: Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images